Countdown to 2017 With the Top 10 Questions to Consider Before Beginning Your Display Program

With the new year approaching I thought it was a good time to step back and review 10 important details that merchandisers should consider before beginning their 2017 display programs.

10 How long will this display exist on the retail floor?

9 What is your budget?

8 Does the GP (gross profit) of the products on the display justify that budget?

7 Is the primary focus brand positioning? Product sales?

6 Is coop marketing scheduled for the same timeframe or is this a standalone promotional effort?

5 Can the graphics and color scheme reflect the brand or will it need to blend with the retailer guidelines?

4 Is the product shipping with the display?

3 How will the display ship? Direct to store? Through DCs (Distribution Centers)?

2 Who will do the assembly? A full-time fulfillment & assembly group? Contract labor pool?

1 How will the adjacencies on the retail floor be controlled?

These are just a few of the many details that when considered up front, will better ensure that your display program is a success.

Happy New Year!

Donald Budnick
Founder and CEO
Ardent Displays

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