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Ardent Displays is your trusted resource as you gear up to face the challenges that come with ensuring a safe, sanitary, and government-compliant office environment this year. Our team at Ardent Displays offers expertise in the design and manufacturing of full, turnkey solutions that will make you more comfortable and confident as you conduct day-to-day office tasks and welcome back employees to the workplace during this uncertain climate.

Office Personal Protection Challenges

At Ardent Displays, we understand the importance of making sure we provide solutions to the challenges that are present in today’s in-person corporate world. Some of the challenges that we solve for and that you may be facing today are:

  • Maintaining safety and employee flow
  • Protecting both your staff and clients
  • Ensuring compliance with governmental guidelines
  • Assuring rapid turnaround and delivery
  • Needing customization for specific environments

Solutions for The Office

Ardent Displays designs and manufactures the following corporate safety solutions to meet the challenges above that your office or workplace may be facing today. All our products are highly customizable and can meet any guidelines your company or your local government are requiring. We also offer various materials and sizes to meet your office’s application.

  • Safety shields & sneeze guards for desktops and cubicles are removable and easy to install. These office safety products are available in hanging, portable, and freestanding options.
  • Corporate desk sneeze guards & cubicle sneeze guards available in a variety of materials and sizes, including coroplast, polycarbonate/acrylic, and PET to fit your specific workplace area
  • Employee face shields available with over hat options and custom printing (e.g. company logo and/or name)
  • Conference room partitions available.

Ardent Advantages

Here at Ardent Displays, we pride ourselves on having the utmost expertise, experience, and execution to ensure your work environment is protected and you are fully satisfied with the product we produce. Some of the advantages you can expect from working with our trusted team are below:

  1. We blend innovative design with in-house manufacturing efficiencies and deep knowledge of implementation and installation.
  2. We have 47 years in the industry developing high quality, on-brand marketing materials and store environments for major retailers and consumer goods companies
  3. We are USA-based and vertically integrated, allowing us to design, engineer, manufacture, and fulfill in-house. This allows us to control cost, quality, and speed to market.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can protect those attending your school or campus this coming year.


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