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All of the outstanding sourcing, design and production are unimportant unless your promotional displays, fixtures and signage arrive at the right location, on-time, undamaged and ready to install.  

Our 3PL (third-party logistics) team is among the best in the industry.  From labeling boxes to arranging for trucks, our team prides itself on the smooth shipment of your products.

We perform ISTA testing in house.  We have a packaging engineer on staff and testing equipment to simulate rail, truck or individually packaged shipments so that products arrive at the ultimate consumer in optimal condition.

With 22 docks in East Hartford and another 10 in East Providence we can perform under the most extreme conditions, whether we are shipping 1 box or 4,000 pallet displays.  We have weather-tight docks and load levelers to ensure that freight is safely and properly loaded. 


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