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Personal Protection Equipment for Essential Employees

Personal Protection Equipment

Made in the USA

For over 35 years, Ardent Displays and Fixtures has been manufacturing innovative merchandising solutions for major retailers and consumer goods companies.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is vital for our nation’s frontline essential employees who have daily interactions with the public, and face shields have become an essential way that employers are ensuring the safety of their workers, and protecting their customers.


Safety Face Shields

Ardent Displays and Fixtures' protective wholesale face shields feature simple assembly, a lightweight and optically clear plastic guard, and an adjustable foam band for added comfort during all-day use. These safety shields offer full facial cover to protect the wearer from projected airborne particles and have room for additional PPE such as face masks and eye covers underneath. Because they are constructed from high-end plastics, they are, if necessary, able to be cleaned, decontaminated and reused without the quality of the shield being compromised. Ardent Display's Face Shields are in-stock, ready to ship, and made in the USA.

Ideal for Personnel Such as:

  • Retail Workers
  • Medical professionals
  • Manufacturing employees
  • Foodservice workers
  • Police, EMT and correction officers
  • Hairstylists, barbers and spa workers
  • Corporate Offices
  • Schools & Universities


These customizable PPE face shields are made in the USA by Ardent Displays and Fixtures and are in-stock and ready to ship upon request. Our safety equipment is available in bulk and wholesale quantities for large scale PPE solutions for businesses. We also offer custom youth protective face shields in addition to our traditional adult sizing.


Features & Benefits of Ardent Display’s Safety Face Shields:

  • Full facial coverage
  • Reusable: able to be cleaned, decontaminated and reused, if necessary
  • Optically clear and fluid-repellent
  • Available with or without closed-cell foam strip
  • Effortless assembly
  • Room to wear additional PPE underneath
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day use
  • Easy to customize to reinforce your brand
  • Available in youth and adult size options


Ardent Display’s protective face shields are also available in retail-ready packages, upon request.  For more information or to place an immediate order contact us at 860-528-6000.


Please Note: This face shield does not meet any governmental regulatory standard for protection from COVID-19 or any other disease, and it should not be relied upon for that purpose.  


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Giving Back: Supporting Local Healthcare Workers


Because of our flexibility as a fully integrated, U.S.-based  manufacturer, Ardent Displays has quickly responded to the need for protective face shields. In fact, to help meet the demand, we’ve already donated thousands of face shields to hospitals, medical facilities, and other first responders. Learn more.


Below are a few of the testimonials we received from those who Ardent Display’s donated to:


"We are extremely grateful for your generous donation of precious protective equipment. On behalf of our 3000 employees who are working every day to save lives, THANK YOU!!"

– Vincent G. Capece, Jr., President/CEO, Middlesex Hospital, Middletown, CT


"On behalf of Berkshire Health Systems and our entire workforce, I want to extend our greatest appreciation to the Budnick family and their employees, who in a time of great challenge to all in healthcare were able to provide significant relief in our supply of face shields to help protect our staff from COVID-19. This is further proof that in a time of need, New Englanders work together to overcome adversity."

– Darlene Rodowicz, Executive Vice President, Berkshire Health Systems, Berkshire MA


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