School Safety & Protection Products

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Ardent Displays is your trusted resource as you gear up for safe, sanitary, and compliant school openings.  We have the design and manufacturing expertise to deliver the turnkey solutions you need to confidently welcome back students and staff.

School Personal Protection Challenges

Ardent Displays understands the need for individualized solutions to your specific campus challenges, including:

  • Budget-friendly, customized school safety products and solutions that address both physical and emotional safety
  • Rapid turnaround and delivery

Solutions for Schools

All our school safety and protection products are designed and produced in-house.  All products are highly customizable and quickly manufactured in our Connecticut and Rhode Island factories.  Material selection, sizing and mounting options are all easily adjusted to meet your specific needs which may vary from classroom to classroom.  Among our most popular school safety and protection products are:

  • Student and teacher school desk shields available in a variety of materials, including coroplast and plexiglass, and sizes to fit your specific classroom furniture
  • Adult and youth sized face shields available with optional child-friendly designs and custom printing (e.g. school mascot and/or school name)
  • Acrylic, plexiglass, and clear sneeze shields for cafeterias, administrative offices, reception areas, conference rooms, media centers, etc., available with customized sizing, mounting and material options
  • Indoor and outdoor signage to assist with drop-off/pick-up, student flow and social distancing, all fully customizable

Ardent Advantages

We pride ourselves on having the expertise, experience and execution to ensure that your educational environment is protected and you are fully satisfied with the products we produce for you.  We are an American manufacturer with almost 50 years in the industry.  Because we design, engineer and manufacture in-house, we can easily control cost, quality and speed of delivery to you.

"Donald Budnick is president of ARDENT Displays and Packaging in East Hartford (with other production facilities in RI).  He worked with … me on improving the trifold desk shield … As well, he designed two models for teacher desks and offices – high enough (44”) to allow student or adult to approach the desk with face below the shield … He is providing a newer prototype at a lower cost based on our preferences … He is a good person to work with and expedites production.  He was sharp enough to purchase materials in anticipation of school needs". (Kenneth DiPietro, Superintendent of Schools, Plainfield, CT)

Contact us today to learn more about how you can protect those attending your school or campus this coming year.


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