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Sneeze Guards for Counters & Checkouts 

Since 1987, Ardent Displays and Fixtures has been a clear sneeze guards manufacturer creating innovative merchandising solutions for major retailers and consumer goods companies.

With our headquarters and vertically integrated manufacturing facilities based in the United States, Ardent Displays has been uniquely positioned to quickly respond to the COVID-19 health crisis and the resulting nationwide demand for protective barriers in nearly all shared community spaces.

Protective Sneeze Guards (or barriers) are now necessary equipment in public places to help maintain proper social distance and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other potentially hazardous germs.

Available Products

Our retail barriers protect workers and customers while maintaining optical clarity that allows for barcode scanning. These products offer ease of use due to their portable, light construction, and dependable durability. Our sneeze guards are both easy to assemble and easy to clean and sanitize. Ardent is also available to help install barriers and shields to protect your facility as soon as possible. Retail barriers are in stock, ready to ship, and made in the USA. 

Made in the USA, Ardent Display and Fixtures is ready to ship:

  • Clear Desktop shields
  • Plastic/Plexiglass counter sneeze shield
  • Portable shields
  • Hanging shields
  • Freestanding dividers
  • Low-profile shields with pass-through space
  • Checkout shields
  • Custom, build-a-barrier shields or dividers

Ideal Applications for Ardent Displays Sneeze Guards

In-stock and available, our sneeze guards and barriers are ideal for common areas, such as:

Features of Ardent Displays Sneeze Guards

Below also outline some of the features and benefits of purchasing Sneeze Guards through Ardent Displays:

  • Easy to quickly clean and sanitize
  • Available in large quantities with quick turnaround times
  • Custom sizes and die cuts to meet specific application needs
  • Portable and light for easy assembly
  • Durable and sturdy for long-term use
  • Rounded corners, smooth edges
  • Optical clarity for ease of scanning barcodes
  • Easily customized with digital direct print messaging and/or decals to reinforce your brand

Custom Retail Barriers

As a leader in retail display products, we understand how important having a consistent look and feel across franchised locations can be. We work hand-in-hand with retailers to create custom fabricated solutions to meet their exact needs. We off a range of sizing and installation options. We also have the unique opportunity to direct print customizations onto your safety protection equipment in-house with your brand's design, decal, and logos.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs or to place an order, 860-528-6000.

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