Display Assembly & Fulfillment

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Ardent Displays' clients usually opt for our in-house assembly of their display programs. The assembly is frequently combined with fulfillment, which is the prepacking of constructed displays with product, all done prior to final shipment to the retailer. 

While many display companies outsource this critical element of display programs, we manage it in-house, allowing us to seamlessly guide your project from concept ... to engineering ... to manufacturing ... to final assembly, with product delivered accurately and efficiently to retail, ready for consumers. 

Ardent Displays has 22 docks and 360,000 square feet of dedicated space designed specifically for flexible and fast in-house assembly and fulfillment. We offer:

  • Contract assembly and packaging
  • Pick & pack with EDI/barcode
  • Web-based inventory and shipping controls
  • 24/7 security with web-based interior and exterior cameras


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