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The global cosmetic products market is expected to reach a market value of over 800 billion dollars in the next few years. With the rapid growth of this sector comes the need for innovative and aesthetic merchandising and retail displays to properly market beauty and cosmetic products. At Ardent Displays, we design and manufacture cosmetic displays that are engaging, high-tech, and one-of-a-kind.

With our experience manufacturing a range of retail fixtures and displays, Ardent can provide custom cosmetic displays, from end-cap displays to counter-top displays for your specific application. The displays are not only pleasing to the eye, but also remain strong over time with exposure to customers and employees. Our custom project capabilities allows us to use creativity to execute the cosmetic and beauty displays for your brand, theme, and aesthetic.

Typical Cosmetic Display Types:

  • End Cap Displays – Located at the end of an aisle at drugstores, department stores, and more, end cap displays market cosmetic products in optimal locations to engage and entice customers.
  • Counter Top Displays – Often located in the most high-traffic locations in stores, counter top displays are perfect for displaying beauty products that may come in a range of sizes and colors, like makeup and nail polish.
  • Floor Displays – Whether you need a temporary or permanent fixture to display beauty products, Ardent’s floor displays can be custom configured for space-maximizing and grouping of cosmetic products, and additionally boast long life expectancies and strong graphic requirements.

To see our wide range of capabilities with displays and fixtures, view our gallery here.

Customization of Cosmetic Displays:

  • Imagery
  • Color Combinations
  • Display Configurability


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