How to Set Up an Award-Winning Display

Last week, an Ardent team and I were lucky enough to attend this year’s POPAI GlobalShop and OMA Awards in Las Vegas. It was a great event and we were all happy to learn about some of the cutting-edge trends in point-of-purchase displays. Even better, of course, was taking home two POPAI “Indian” Awards! More on that to follow.

For those of you who attended GlobalShop, you probably remember the exposition center looking sharp and organized. When my colleagues and I arrived, however, it was just a giant room of crates, pallets, and packing material. We spent Monday morning setting up and merchandising our entries–luckily it wasn’t too tough of a job, since we specifically design all of our displays to be simple assemblies:

I think they look pretty polished, don’t you?

We can’t wait to do this again next year! Hope to see you there.

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