Gondola Shelves & Standing Retail Display

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Martha Stewart

Gondola Shelves & Standing Retail Display


Client Objectives:

  • Showcase Martha Stewart branded Avery products
  • Flexible display design to accommodate differently sized retail environments; end caps up to 48 linear feet
  • Easily reconfigurable to accommodate monthly product changes by store associates
  • Accommodate a wide assortment of both existing product and future product introductions
  • Fluency with office products industry


  • Upscale wood, acrylic and color fixturing, matching Martha’s product line
  • Shelving and fixtures allowing for product line mixing and matching
  • Shipped knocked down flat and bundled 1 store per pallet
  • Ardent supplied training video for assembly at retail along with professional telephone support as needed


  • Significant increase in sales
  • 100% implementation at the retail level
  • Awarded both the Gold Popai Indian for best overall design and the AICC for best structural design
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