Global Partners Checkout Counter Refresh Program

Permanent Checkout Counter Fixturespermanent checkout counter fixtures

Client Objectives:

  •  Move away from racks and go to sections for a retrofit
    design allowing for modularity in merchandising products at checkout.
  • The goal is to “Bring More Of The Store To The Front Counter”.
  • Create a “fresh”, “new” look to the existing Checkout Counters with a design that provides a seamless, cohesive look between
    • Above and Below the Checkout Counter.
  • Use Above The Counter displays to hide POS and Lottery Systems.


  •  Modular 2ft sections used Above and Below the counter
  • 1” on center slatwall used for greater flexibility with trays, tiered
    shelves and bins for merchandising a variety of product
  • Modular design functioned with various store layouts
  • Designed and manufactured for durability in-store
  • Perforated metal back panels incorporated for merchandising of hook product
  • Digitally printed PVC graphic blades utilized for product and brand driven messaging on
    • Above The Counter displays
  • Melamine storage sections created for Under The Counternstoring of product
  • Designed, Manufactured and Installed by Ardent/PCL


  • Cleaner look at Checkout that is more visually appealing and shopper friendly.
  • Consistent appearance at Checkout in stores.
  • Cost effective approach to materials and manufacturing
    delivered a greater ROI
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