Juice Aisle Signage Program

Custom Retail Aisle Signage Displays

Juice aisle signage


Client Objectives:

  • Create a modular aisle sign program that utilizes 4ft Header
    sections and Aisle Blades to promote Healthy Choices within the Juice Aisle.
  • Education and messaging through updated signage is key to changing consumer perceptions within the Juice Aisle.
  • It provides an opportunity to unlock growth potential of
    healthier items with the category.


  • 4ft Header sections were designed to be used in 24ft and 28ft Juice Aisles and included Metal Support Arms with adjustable height and depth and universal bracket for adapting to various gondola types.
  • Styrene Header Panels were fabricated with slots for easy
    installation and additional height adjustment to hold the
    1/8” Black Sintra digitally printed graphics.
  • Aisle Blades were digitally printed on 2 sides of 1/8” Black Styrene and secured with magnetic shelf brackets.


  •  Shoppers found the stores with new Juice Aisle Signage to be well organized and easy to shop, with many looking for “better-for-you” juice items
  • Shoppers spent 23% more time browsing in the test stores with new Juice Aisle Signage.
  • Shoppers were nearly twice as likely to notice items on top 2 shelves in test stores, leading to higher carting.
  • 1 in 6 shoppers commented on the signs within the aisle,
    with 70% of those specifically calling out “Fruit & Veggie
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